Automatic Dashboard Watch

You’re a true classic automobile fan who often reminisces of their favorite retro cars, or you even have one running these days. You take classic wheels so much at heart that you even show it with your timepiece called the dashboard watch!

This awesome watch shows the time in a windowed gauge reminding us of an automobile’s dashboard like Hudson Great Eight and Cadillac LaSalle from the 30’s.


The curved aperture displays two overlapping dials with big numerals. The lower row shows the hour, while the upper one the minutes. There is also a central vertical line indicating the present time.

Since this is an automatic watch, it doesn’t require batteries to run, all it takes is your hand motion.

What adds to the watch’s high quality are the 21 jewels that are responsible for the accurate timekeeping, as well as the splash-resistant stainless steel case that is windowed in the back so you can observe the timepiece’s intriguing insides.

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