Autom Weight Loss Coach

Now, ladies, how about having your very own, very terrestrial Weight Evaluator?! Welcome the future with Autom - your friendly Personal Weight Loss Coach! Autom is a very cute little robot who can become your best friend! You can talk to her, really TALK!  And she will listen. And the more she learns about you, the more she customizes her feedback, to build up and offer you the best advice on how to lose weight.


Perhaps you have tried many and various plans to lose weight in order to look slim and attractive (who wouldn’t like that?!), yet got almost hopeless when in a while their effect vanished. And you’ll agree that most such plans require quite some sacrifices from us, both in time and efforts. All this however doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Autom™ makes it easy by helping you record the necessary information each day, to ensure that you'll succeed at losing weight and keeping it off.

The best part probably is that Atom is not just another pre-programmed robot with no development! Due to your subscription, every month she receives automatic updates so she'll always have something new and interesting to say and keep you motivated! All she needs is Internet connection. When she first comes to your home, she already has the calorie information for about 75,000 foods, and is able to give you the best advice on what to eat and what not. Moreover, she knows where you can eat the food proper for your diet, and in which shops you can find such food. And every time a restaurant updates its menu, or the grocery store introduces new products, she'll know about it. And you’ll know it too!

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