Assassin’s Creed Reckon Jacket

It’s true that we like everything about our favorite assassins from the famous franchise game! One of the coolest things about them is their special attire. It would be awesome to have one of those, but it won't be very appropriate to walk downtown wearing it, because people wouldn’t consider you to be quite normal. The Assassin’s Creed Reckon Jacket however can change that!

The Assassin’s Creed Reckon Jacket has been created by the Ubi Workshop to be the perfect urban camouflage apparel as well as a unique and stylish jacket that is a total eye catcher! The designers have put maximum effort in providing the most accurate replica jacket that is worn by the Reckon Class in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reckon Online. This incomparable product offers flexibility and protection in various situations, as it combines 2 pieces in 1: the vest and the hoodie. If you want to accentuate on easier movement, lightweight and enviable stealth, you can choose to wear only the hoodie. Switch to identity protection mode by applying the tipped hood on the vest or on the hoodie so it can cover your face. Of course you can wear both the vest and the hoodie to complete the whole look of the jacket.

So if you think you have the inner power and that incredible talent to be an honorable member of the assassin order, you can become a nowadays master assassin, by wearing the super cool Assassin’s Creed Modern Reckon Jacket!

Assassins Creed Recon Jacket

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