Organic Raw Coconut Butter

The Artisana 100% Organic Raw Coconut Butter is not some regular oil, it's considered a whole food, because it’s made from unadulterated, pure coconut flesh! You only have to warm it up, mix it up, spread and enjoy the magnificent flavor! You’ll truly feel the fine and characteristic taste and scent of the real coconut butter that is very beneficial to your health! It’s a true pleasure to cook with it!

This organic coconut butter is really a sublime treat! Besides cooking dishes, you can also add it to cocktails, milk shakes, smoothies, spread it on a toast, put it on veggies or fruit salads, hell you can even eat with a spoon right from the jar! Pure coconut is very nutritious and contains: protein, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, manganese. It also has copper and essential amino acids.

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