Smart Bartending Device

Want to make the perfect drink but it seems like you fail, huh? Your solution is the App-Controlled Smart Bartending gadget! Connect your Android or iOS device, place your glass on the scale, and see detailed instructions momentarily. Tell the app what liquor you have in hand and you'll receive suggestions for drinks. If you overpour, no problem, the software will automatically adjust the volume of the remaining ingredients.

The bartender app contains hundreds of recipes! That means you can mix old school beverages like the young Tom Cruise did in the “Cocktail” flick, or you can make modern drinks. Whatever you choose, the result is going to be satisfying for sure! Amounts aren’t a problem too. You can make s single serving or fill a whole party pitcher. Just place the container on the scale, it automatically sets itself to zero and you’re ready to pour. The “smart scale” weighs every single ingredient as you pour and notifies you when you need to stop. When you’re just about to reach the fill line, you’ll get another alert to proceed with the next ingredient. The best thing is that you can use your imagination to create your own cocktail and then save the recipe for another time to impress your friends!

Brookstone App-Controlled Smart Bartending

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