The world of watchmaking became popular after the second world war and from that time, the industry evolved and branched in various other industries leaving a noticeable difference behind. One of them being the fashion industry. Fashion watches are timepieces whose functionality is an extra feature but still its presence is still a necessity. The main purpose of those fashion-oriented brands is summarized in one word : Aesthetics.


Fashion watches are usually equipped with a typical but reliable quartz movement whose end goal is to bring a greater value to the fashion industry rather than the watch industry itself. This added value cannot be ignored even if they are under constant fire from the traditional watch communities for being overpriced without proper justification. This might not be the case with this newly-founded watch company, AMALGAM Watches.

AMALGAM Watch-dark-pink AMALGAM Watch-white AMALGAM Watch-white-pink

Founded in Mauritius, Mark Twain’s heaven, AMALGAM Watches is a modern take on adding gemstones to timepieces in a modern and aesthetically pleasing form. Inspired by a makeshift watch strap, what makes this brand unique is that each of their watch is designed by you, the customer. Leveraging technology, AMALGAM created an interface whose input is your wrist size. From there, choose from a myriad of choices including 8 x Case design, 6 x Strap colors and 30 semi-precious gemstones of natural origin! Different number of beads are allocated for each wrist size making this a ‘unique for your wrist’ approach.

Thousands of visually appealing combinations can be made and small personal tweaks can make your watch the only arrangement in the whole world ! They give 2x straps & 1x watch case per offer allowing you to make your own personal customization post purchase.

Tagged in the range of $100, the unique personal value provided by those timepieces cannot be underestimated and will become AMALGAM’s strongest weapon in surviving the tough fashion watch industry where lack of innovation is akin to brand suicide. We look forward to see where they go in the coming years but it will be worth looking at!

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