2-step Knife Sharpener

Easily portable, lightweight and simple to use when it comes to sharpening blades, that’s the Edgeware 2-step Knife Sharpener! This useful sharpener is placed on the edge of your table or countertop and its V-grip bottom adds even more comfort and firmness. Crossed ceramic rods and carbide blades pre-set sharpening angles, providing the necessary angles each time.

The carbide blades are the first stage of flawlessly sharpening a blade. They provide quick edge setting capabilities. The second step is the final honing, which is done thanks to the ceramic rods. In the end, your knife or whatever you’re sharpening, will have a razor sharp edge and will be as good as new! The Edgeware 2-step Knife Sharpener has non-slip rubber feet and a rubber handle for maximum stability.

European customers can buy it here.

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