• Men’s Beach Bum Wig

    Men’s Beach Bum Wig

    Your ‘easy going” persona doesn’t want to overstrain too much to come up with an expensive costume for this Halloween. In that case you can try a simple Halloween outfit like the men’s beach bum wig. And it doesn’t really matter if you enjoy laziness on the beach or somewhere else, the important thing is that the wig can show how big a sluggard you are, and that you’re going to show up for the Halloween party just for the heck of it.

  • Women’s Bat Costume

    The Best Women’s Bat Costume

    Talk about sexy Halloween costumes, chicks are going to love this one! This is the best women’s bat costume for all the gals who have particular liking to Gothic style, and who know that being a cute and sexy creature of the night on the spookiest of holidays is a precondition for having a great time.

    What’s also nice is that the outfit is warm and ultra-soft, so it pretty much feels like pajamas for the cool weather.

  • Creepy Halloween T-shirt

    Creepy Halloween T-shirt

    This creepy Halloween t-shirt shows an enraged man whose frantically moving eyeball would send everybody chills down their spine! The dude seems nothing less than crazy and you can see his eyelids being painfully stretched by safety pins! If you want his eye stop moving, just double tap on it. The shirt has also been provided with a Velcro pocket on the inside that fits a phone which uses a specific app for the shirt’s effect.

  • Freddy Chest of Souls Sweater

    Freddy Krueger Animated Chest of Souls Sweater

    Prove you’re a horror movie fan or simply have an awesome article of clothing, when you get this spooky Freddy Krueger Animated Chest of Souls Sweater! The garment is inspired by the scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 when Krueger’s tormented victims fight back and emerge from his chest. Powered by a battery pack it includes realistic audio with moving animation of the souls!

  • Blood Energy Potion

    Blood Energy Potion

    If you’ve watched “True Blood”, you’ll find this Blood Energy Potion’s idea very similar to the blood substitute in the series. The packing resembles a blood bank and contains fruit flavored juice that gives you 4 hours of energy, along with protein, iron and electrolytes. The thing is that this special beverage has nutrients, similar to real blood, but its taste is definitely better! A really cool product for all vampire fans!


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