• Retro Mixtape Wristwatch

    Retro Mixtape Wristwatch

    In case you’re a real retro music fan, and you want a fine accessory that shows your love to the golden 90’s music, or you're just a total geek, you won’t find a better item than this retro mixtape wristwatch. Manufactured by EOS New York, the item has a black leather strap, its case is made to excellently resemble the classic audio cassette that we used to play from our boom box and walkman. The discs turn around each second on both wheels.

  • Funny Middle Finger Earrings

    Funny Middle Finger Earrings-

    Whether you're a bad chick or a dude, if you want a cool accessory that will show your care-free, "not giving a damn" persona, these funny stainless steel middle finger earrings are downright perfect for you! Be sure that wherever you go, you will get a lot of compliments about these unique geeky earrings, and everybody will know that you like flipping the bird a lot!

  • Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

    Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

    Our world has changed a lot over the past decade. With the boom of new technologies, we’ve seen a revolution in mobility. We can outrun our lives from virtually anywhere. The problem is we all want to boost productivity. A new work of technology is on its way to astound every businessman and we’re happy to tell you a thing or two about it. It’s called Zcan, and it’s a Wireless Scanner Mouse that’s the first of its kind, and allows you to scan everything, anywhere!

  • The Mustache Door Mat

    The Mustache Door Mat

    The mustache mania is everywhere, even before your front door! Looking stylishly, welcoming and of course a bit funny because of its form, this Mustache Door Mat will give your guests a hint at your liking to mustaches and will encourage them to readily wipe their feet. The texture of the geeky product is made of high quality natural coir. Dimensions: 65cm x 36cm.

  • Darth Vader Mask Toaster

    Darth Vader Mask Toaster

    The fallen version of Anakin Skywalker has been an antagonist favorite and one of the most famous movie villains in the cinema world since 1977. Geeky items related to the Sith lord are always the vogue, items like this Star Wars Darth Vader mask toaster! Keep toasting bread slices stamped with the name of one of the most epic movie of all times!


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